Thursday, 11 June 2009

Katy Perry Inspired makeup Tutorial

Please click on the link below for my Katy Perry inspired makeup look tutorial :o)

Emerald Green Makeup Look

This is the makeup look that I wore yesterday. I used all my new Mac products and I was so pleased with the result. The Deflt Paintpot and the Teal Pigment together are AMAZZZING!!

Style Warrior Haul Video

Please click on the link below to view my video showing you all the Style Warrior products...

***My MAC Style Warrior haul video***

Friday, 5 June 2009

Feeling sorry for myself :o(

Urghh, I feel so poorly! I had such great intentions to do some videos with my wonderful new Style Warrior goodies, but unfortunately I've lost my voice! I have a nasty throat and gland infection and the doctor has given me some antibiotics to fend the germy-ness off, so hopefully I'll be back to my usual rambling self real soon lol! xoxo

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Mineralista Skittles Swatches

Top - over bare skin
Bottom - over UDPP
Vibrant Grape, Bright Future & Soft Force E/S
Tribalist, Purple Rite & Sunsation Lipsticks

Fierce & Fabulous and Liberated Lip Glass

My spending spree!!...

I'm a Style Warrior!!

Although I am suffering from actual physical proper swine flu, I still got up this morning at silly o'clock just so I could go to my haven, which is the Mac store. My reason?? STYLE WARRIORRRR!!!!!!!!! OMG! I was soooo frikkin' excited!! I was the first person in, so I got to stick my fingers in all the testers before anyone else lol!! I love it!! I will post some piccies of what I bought, and I have also made a video to show you all the great products.