Thursday, 4 June 2009

Hi everyone!

So, I am still figuring out how to use this blog, but I thought I would start by introducing myself properly...

My name is Regan, and I am a 26 year old full-time Mum to Alfie, 5, and Grace, 2. I have been married to Craig for a year and a half, and we live close by to Cambridge, England. We have 2 dogs: A Boxer girl called Lola, and a baby Pug boy called Ernie. 

I have always had a great love for all things makeup. When I was a little girl I was always 'borrowing' my Mum's makeup, and going out looking like a clown lol!! As I have grew older, I taught myself how to use and apply makeup properly, and now I feel it is one of my best skills. I love doing my own makeup, but what I love even more is doing my friends makeup. Whenever we have a night out arranged, I always get them to come over to my house first so I can practice on them lol!!

Some of my favorite makeup brands are Barry M, Urban Decay, Dior, Too Faced, YSL, Chanel, Benefit, and Rimmel. BUT, my all time ADDICTION is Mac!! I don't know what is is about their products exactly, but every time I try a new makeup item, I fall in love all over again. It's getting ridiculous. I wonder if I should go to Mac-aholics Anonymous sometimes!! 

Anywayyyy, this is just my little part of the inter-web to release my absurd passion for anything glittery and glamorous. Please join in if you share my silly obsession! I'd love to hear from you all! :o)

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