Thursday, 4 June 2009

I ordered some of the Skittles Pigment jars from, and they arrived this morning. I had ordered the full size jars which were $30.00, which I thought was a total bargain for 7 pots, but I was disappointed to find that they had had a mix up and had posted me only the sample sized pots! I emailed them straight away, and much to my amazement, they emailed me right back, and told me they would re-send me the full size pots, and I could keep the sample pots as a gift! How great is that?!! It was an honest mistake, and they have more than made up for it by letting me keep these beautiful samples. They are stunning. A complete rainbow of colours. I will do swatches, and a review for you guys to see, and I bet you will all want you own! Please check out their website They have some fabulous goodies :o)

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  1. Great stuff.. can't wait to see some looks